About the Game of Tchoukball


To play tchoukball, two authority tchoukball bounce back surfaces and a Tchoukball ball are required. The diversion is played on a handball court (20X40 meters, or around 66 feet by 132 feet) between two groups of nine players or on a ball court between groups of six or seven players.The bounce back surfaces (which can be utilized by the two groups) are set at each finish of the court, and every one is inside a semi-hover line, with a three-meter (9.9 foot) span, which characterizes the taboo zone.

The group that has ownership of the ball has a three-pass confine before being compelled to shoot the ball at the bounce back surface on either end of the court. Individuals from the other group must place themselves as indicated by where they anticipate that the ball will arrive, with the goal that they can get it before it touches the floor. Interim, individuals from the other group hope to position themselves to recuperate the ball after it bounce back from the bounce back surface, before the ball can touch the floor. Over the span of the diversion, the players of each group are not permitted to meddle with players of the other group: they may not capture passes, meddle with the developments of the individual conveying the ball or his partners, or prevent a protector from situating himself to get the ball after the bounce back.



A player scores a point for his group in the event that he bobs the ball off the bounce back surface in such a way, to the point that it can’t be gotten by an adversary before it touches the floor.

A player gives a point to the next group if:

  • He misses the bounce back surface when he shoots the ball.
  • He influences the ball to bob outside the field of play
  • He shoots the ball and it skips back, touching him.
  • He sends the ball into the taboo zone, previously or after it hits the bounce back surface.


A player submits a punishment if:

  • He moves while spilling the ball on the floor or juggling it noticeable all around.
  • He takes more than 3 impressions on the floor while possessing the ball.
  • He plays utilizing parts of his body underneath his knees.
  • He makes a fourth go for his group.
  • He reaches the floor beyond the field of play or in the illegal zone while holding the ball.
  • He fails after it is passed to him.
  • He willfully, or by mistake, gets a go from the other group.
  • He gets a ball off of the bounce back surface that was shot by one of his colleagues.
  • He hinders his rivals from moving or prevents them from uninhibitedly passing the ball once they have picked up ownership.


For the group that has ownership of the ball: divert the ball from the bounce back surface after a greatest of three passes. After the ball hits the surface, the ball must touche the floor outside of the taboo zone to score a point. On the off chance that the other group gets the ball before it hits the floor, neither one of the teams scores and the amusement proceeds.

For the cautious group: get the ball after it has hit the bounce back surface and before it touches the floor. To do this, each colleague should continually put himself as indicated by the hostile group’s passes. It is unlawful to block the ball or to meddle with your adversary.

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  • There are no designed sides (each team may shoot the ball at either rebound).
  • It is illegal to intercept a pass from the other team.
  • No more than three passes before shot.
  • no more than three steps by a player holding the ball.

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